Writing, reading, watching, listening.

Writing, reading, watching, listening.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sorry, but this Year Can't End Before I Finish Everything I Wanted to Finish (and Start)

The heavy traffic and the blazing sun of the last days of 2014 keep me in, which could be good for my numerous projects, but instead I entered various social networks and started thinking what I might have missed or left unfinished because of the many  opportunities to unfocus.
I'll be positive first: I finished my MA studies with a thesis about the female body in literature. I presented it in a congress in Durham University in England and had a whole week in London. (This, of course, was just for fun, which is essential.)
I published my book Life In, Life Out with Matter Press and am happy with it.
Lastly, I passed the PhD selection tests with a fine grade that made me feel I am not yet too old, too forgetful, too lazy or too late to accomplish stuff usually done decades earlier.
I haven't finished the revision of my book, Baby Harvest, and I really want to do it before the university year starts and I'll sink deep into other books.
I haven't written even close to enough, since I dedicated my time either to writing my thesis or edit, revise and review stories and books.
I haven't read all the books I wish I'd have.
Now, at the bottom of everything, however, and I'm sorry if I'm sentimental, there are people, real, fictional, real and fictional. REAL. Really.
All in all I'm a lucky fool. The year may come and go, it's only a question of numbers. A few people will read this post, and to those who will I send my love, because this is what matters before during and after the fireworks.


  1. What an amazing year you've had! I hope you can see that the fact that you haven't finished, or started, everything you wanted to in the year is a testament to the scale of your ambition and not your accomplishments.

    I wish you and your family the very best in 2015 and I see great things for you ahead.

  2. Thank you dear Shaula! You're kind and articulate and wonderful. Let's have the best year ever, we and all of our beloved ones, shall we?

  3. A full and happy life you have, dear Avital. Celebrate your energy, your incredible talent and
    opportunities, and how well loved you are by us all. Happy New Year!!

  4. Oh, Bev, I am so so so late for this. I wish I had emails saying when people post.
    Much love and many thanks for you incredible kindness.