Writing, reading, watching, listening.

Writing, reading, watching, listening.
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Life In, Life Out, my book, a flash collection published by Matter Press IS OUT!

Life In Life Out
Previous publications of flashes from the book include:

In Print

The Los Angeles Review: The Bison

Prism International (Canada): Once a Month We Play

On Line

“Crystal and Gold” in NOÖ Journal;
“Nature” in 3:AM;
“Running Away Diary” in Portland Magazine
& Dragons with Cancer Anthology ;
“String Theory” in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts;
“Get DownTo It” in NANO Fiction;
“Soap” in The Salt River Review;“
“Somewhere Station” in Eclectica;
“The Spirit of His Will” in Absinthe Review;
“Wings” in Pindeldyboz;
“Sudden Changes” in Happy and Pig Iron Malt, Web Del Sol;
“Tiny Love Stories” in Dispatch;
“Unless” in Corium Magazine;
“A Narrow Bridge” in EveryWriter Resource; 
 “About My Life Length” in Quick Fiction.

Photography and cover design byVered Navon.

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